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Institute for Leadership & Capacity Development

We welcome you to the Institute for Leadership & Capacity Development (ILCD).

ILCD was founded in August 2011 and later registered in South Africa in January 2012 (Reg. No 2012/015442/07). We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa; with satellite coordination and training support in Botswana, Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Our Institute offers Short Course Executive Training in various areas including among others;

- Leadership
- Management
- Capacity Building
- Financial Management
- Organizational Strategy
- Project Management
- Executive Secretarial
- Strategic Human Resources Management.

We have vast training and coaching experience, a broad intellectual capacity and a strong knowledge base in leadership and management training which can conveniently be offered over weekends for Managers, Executives and over one to two weeks for those requiring more broad and in-depth content on various subjects of their interest.

Our focus is a continuous skills development for Government Policy Makers and key role players in Government Ministries, Quasi-Government Entities, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), the Private Sector and various other stakeholders. We believe this is achievable through capacity building, leadership & management training that are aligned with relevant need-based professional development.